A little bit of history .....

Privately owned from 1871 (JF Thomas being its first owner) through to 1993 the Tenterfield Star operating from 325 Rouse St, printed the local newspaper and functioned as a commercial printer.

In 1995 Rual Press decided to split the two operations.

Murray & Debbie Hovey took over the commercial printing christening it 'Tenterfield Printing'.  They continued to use the existing equipment until 2000, when the Tenterield Star down-sized and moved to 255 Rouse St.

In 2003 Darryl & Ruth Offer opened the doors of their Photo Mini Lab 'TenterGrafiX' at 275 Rouse St.

The advent of digital technology meant other services soon evolved and larger premises were moved into at 204 Rouse St. thus enabling a continued production of all things photographic as well as weaving in and out of small scale commercial printing.

In 2010 Tenterfield Printing was sold to Darryl & Ruth.

With the slow decline of the film era and the ever increasing print volume it soon became apprarent that No. 204 was becoming unsuitable.

Reluctantly Darryl & Ruth decided to move from predominantly retail into an office situation (29-31 Derby St) to concentrate on the combined printing aspects of the busienss.

This year (2016) Tenterfield Printing & TenterGrafiX celebrate 34 years of combined services to the Tenterfield Community and beyond.